Today, we’re extremely excited to be launching Smith & Collins. Denis and I have enjoyed an incredibly productive working relationship for the past couple of years under two separate banners (Sam Collins Media and Denis Smith Photography), and so this union is a completely natural evolution.

Operating as Smith & Collins simply means communicating to the rest of the world a fact that we have been aware of for some time – we are a team.

We share the same passion for our craft, always seeking compelling ways to tell authentic stories with our cameras.

We share the same philosophy of client service, being 100% committed to delivering high quality products and positive, memorable experiences.

We share the same ethics and values, working not solely for financial reward, but to enrich our lives with meaningful activity.

Having now worked for more than ten years in professional media production environments, I can honestly say I have never before enjoyed a more powerful creative partnership than that which I have with Denis. I have learned an incredible amount from him, in terms of craft and technique, but more importantly in terms of relating to people. The more experienced I become in business, the more I understand that relationships are truly at the heart of successful enterprise. By watching and learning from each other, Denis and I have organically arrived at what some companies strive at establishing for years – shared purpose.

So this is not the beginning, but it is a beginning.

It marks the continuation of what we already know we do so well, but it also acknowledges future possibilities. We’re excited at the prospect of seeing just how far we can go – in terms of our creative identities, and also our working culture. We consider our clients to be part of an extended ‘family’, sharing with us one main value above all others: absolute pride in what they do. We also take immense pride in our work, and that’s why our names are up on the door.

So raise a glass to a new beginning – to Smith & Collins!



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  • 6 years ago · Reply

    Hi Denis and Sam,

    I am thrilled to hear of the merging of both your incredible talents! Wishing you much success for this ‘new beginning’! Looking forward to seeing more creative wonder from the Smith & Collins Studio.

    Kyrie xx

  • Stephen Muller
    6 years ago · Reply

    Go get em!

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