Family by Family is a groundbreaking social program making a genuine difference to Australian families in need. The program is just one aspect of TACSI (The Australian Centre for Social Innovation). By matching up ‘sharing families’ (who may have been through tough times in the past) with ‘seeking families’ (who may be experiencing tough times), a powerful peer mentoring system is created. In order to produce a comprehensive, high quality suite of videos and stills to promote Family by Family, we had to make a genuine connection with the people involved. Some of these families were dealing with issues such as depression, abuse, addiction and isolation – so sensitivity and respect were vitally important in the production process. We delivered a full 25 minute documentary and a set of shorter, topic-focused videos for use in a range of contexts, both on and offline. We’re deeply proud to be able to help TACSI tell their important stories.

Along with the videos below we have captured a selection of still images for TACSI here.