Every video production company is unique. Not just ‘people with cameras’, they are each the sum total of their experiences, artistic sensibilities, social skills and business philosophies. Any outfit which has succeeded in a competitive market will have their own styles, specialisms, preferences and methodologies.

Part of the process of establishing ourselves in Adelaide has been the clear identification of some “key products” – types of video productions we have become known for, and are repeatedly hired to create. To be clear, we are by no means the inventors of these formats, nor the only people locally who can make them. We do, however, have a strong track record of successful projects, a long list of happy clients and a healthy cycle of referrals and recommendations.

One of these signature products is the “Project Showcase” Documentary. This is the perfect form of communication for demonstrating the success of a project in an engaging and compelling way. We have created several of these types of films (usually under 15 minutes long) for a wide range of clients across different industries. Whether it is for an engineering firm, a government department or an educational institution, slickly produced documentaries with a strong sense of narrative structure and visual flair have proven to be valuable tools for our customers.

Here’s an example. ‘Drought Proof’ is a short documentary we produced for Aurecon and SA Water, designed to showcase the Adelaide Desalination Project. This major piece of infrastructural work is an engineering marvel and has created a lasting positive legacy for South Australia. Our job was to tell the story of the project, and capture the passion of some of the people involved. You can see the film below – it helped the SA Water team win a prestigious International Project Management Award.


Drought Proof from Smith and Collins on Vimeo.

Projects don’t need to be on such a large scale to benefit from this kind of documentary treatment. We also worked with our regular clients The University of Adelaide to showcase their Peer Assisted Study Sessions. This progressive scheme allows first year students to connect with more experienced students in their field of study via informal yet structured study groups. Our brief was to explain the model for prospective participants, while maintaining the friendly and informal mood that the sessions seek to establish. Thanks in part to targeted sharing of the video, PASS has seen an uptake in student participation and helped to secure further funding for the project.

Introduction to PASS from Smith and Collins on Vimeo.

A key part of working on successful, innovative projects in any context is effectively communicating that success to the public, stakeholders or wider industry. Beautifully produced short documentaries for exhibition online or in corporate settings can be uniquely powerful tools to achieve this. By employing skilled practitioners to undertake this storytelling task, you can get your audience as excited about your work as you are.

We consider ourselves privileged to be exposed to so many varied, exciting projects. Adelaide is a place full of innovation, creativity and risk – the perfect ingredients for good stories. If you have a project which needs the Smith & Collins treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’ll leave you with a few kind words from our clients from the projects above. Have a great day!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam and Denis. Their creativity is amazing, the quality of their work is fantastic and their ability to work with a broad range of people is highly commendable. Nothing was too hard, rather everything was an opportunity. They are truly talented people that will continue to make a great impact and contribution to the film-making and videography professions in South Australia and beyond.

Brett Nilsen – Major Pursuits Leader
January 14, 2014

Sam has just completed a promotional video for our Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) program. The video captures the ‘flavour’ of PASS and conveys all the key messages articulated at the initial meeting. Sam is a good listener and was able to creatively translate ideas into film.His genuine interest in our project and personable manner put students and staff at ease, contributing to an excellent outcome. I highly recommend him and would use his company again for similar projects.

Audrey Stratton – PASS Coordinator
January 15, 2014

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